Brad: Music has been a part of my life ever since I was quite young; having been totally blind from birth, though I can read Braille music, I have found that much of what I learn musically is accomplished by hearing the piece, and then memorizing it—an adaptation that has worked very well for me over the years. My music career has blossomed ever since. I began piano lessons at the age of ten, and shortly thereafter having begun to participate in choral groups, I gained an appreciation of many diverse genres of music. As I was given opportunities to take both piano and voice lessons in high school and college, more practical doors opened for musical expression, which are continuing to abound—from church music events to weddings and private engagements, to setting up music programs utilizing piano and vocal music for civic and seniors groups. All I can tell is that, so far as my musical journey goes, the only thing that could possibly limit me in this regard is my own imagination. 

I lived most of my younger years in Vermont, then moved to Connecticut, where I lived the majority of my adult life. I developed an early appreciation of nature; indeed, hiking and backpacking became interests for me. I am also an avid reader, and have a keen interest in meteorology. Roller coasters have frequently fascinated me as well. 

I met my wife, Mary, in July of 2007 at a church camp meeting, and was simply enthralled by her singing, and it didn’t take long before the thought of our singing together took hold; as one can easily surmise, love quickly followed, and, though for me it would involve a move from Hartford CT to the Harrisburg, PA area, we knew that God was guiding us to be married and be truly together, and we both find we are better as a team than as individuals. Truly, the sky is the limit!

Mary: I come from a family of many musicians and music has always been an important part of my life. I began singing when I was very young, and discovered that I enjoyed singing harmonies to the music at our family gatherings. Throughout my school career and beyond, I have been singing with various church choirs and choral groups. I have also done solo work at churches, weddings, and other special occasions.

Although I never had the privilege of formal voice training, I have learned a lot from each choral director. I like to say that I studied voice under Julie Andrews; watching her closely in the musicals “The Sound of Music” and “Mary Poppins”, I began to copy her style, particularly diction. I love that English accent!

When Brad and I met and began singing together, we realized that our voices blend well, and we enjoy exchanging leads and harmonies. We knew a lot of the same songs, and began to enjoy entertaining folks who also remembered the old songs that we love. Retirement centers and nursing homes are where we have found a niche, and it is immensely rewarding to us when folks smile and sing along. In all our music, we desire to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we serve.

We named our musical duet Daybreak because it is truly a new day for both of us. We stand at the beginning of a journey, not knowing where the road will take us, but trusting in our God and the plans He has for us.